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Privacy Policy

TL;DR: We stick the game state in your browser's local storage, so you don't lose progress when you close the tab, and we use Google Analytics to track:

  • Anonymous site traffic
  • Anonymous guess count

The scary stuff like IP tracking, Google Signals integration, User ID generation, and ad personalization are all disabled. We only collect the bare-minimum data that we actually need.

Technology, Media Sources, and Inspiration

This website is a shameless clone of Wordle. Any and all praise should be directed at Wordle's creator, Josh Wardle.

Under the hood, this website is a fairly basic containerized Sveltekit setup, with Caddy in front of it and a NodeJS server behind it. It was built in six hours. The insides are ugly.

The Aurebesh font (it's actually a collection of SVG's) is a derivative of Stephen Crane's wonderful work for West End Games, and it was sourced from Wookieepedia.

The dictionary for Star Wordle also (technically) comes from Wookieepedia, as it was build by mining an XML dump of the wiki's page titles for five-letter words. When combined with our English dictionary, it gives us roughly 20K words.

The solutions list is, of course, hand-crafted.

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